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Month: June, 2016

“Why Do We Need Members? We Have a Boar

“Why Do We Need Members? We Have a Board…”


The ORPP is dead.

The ORPP is dead.
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Camberwell House is now a member of the

Camberwell House is now a member of the London Chamber of Commerce.

DNA results can change royally-granted t

DNA results can change royally-granted titles! Indiscretion by the wife of the 8th baronet invalidates her great-grandson’s claim, leaving her grandson as the 11th baronet. The 9th baronet was in fact the product of an adulterous relationship, and so should not have inherited, nor his son (her grandson). The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council has awarded the baronetcy to a son of one of her sons by her husband.

My friend and LEHC colleague and former

My friend and LEHC colleague and former Project Officer here at Camberwell House Spencer Sandor has an article in the most recent (v.27 no.1) edition of IPAC’s Public Sector Management magazine: “Building the Next Generation of Public Servants, by Embracing Opportunities for Change”.

Money quote, and the thought most worth pondering: “there is opportunity for a broader conversation about changes to `the way we do things’ … ”
Well worth a read in full.

Read about the vexatious litigant order

Read about the vexatious litigant order obtained earlier this year by Camberwell House Litigation.